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Storytelling for Change
What you can learn from telling stories:
  • Confidence to speak in front of people
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Expressing yourself creatively
  • Holding the wisdom of stories, such as courage and hope
  • Being able to inspire others

This is a course of two Sundays in which you will learn the skills of telling and remembering stories.
There will be physical exercises, voice opening practice, finding or creating stories you need and telling and listening to stories.
Sundays : October 1st, October 22nd (2017)
Cost of a day session 50-25 *Booking essential*.
Venue SCA Straw Bale hut, Hawkwood College,Old Painswick Road, GL6 7QW

Storytelling courses for Teachers and Parents
Would you like to be able to tell stories to your children, as a parent or teacher, and know what stories are nourishing for them and where to find them?
Practice in telling stories and making up your own stories relevant to your own children. Study of the educational principles of what stories to tell when.
If you have a group of 6 or more people interested, I will consider travelling to give the course in your area.
Fees negotiable at time of booking, in the range 30-60 for the course.

Storytelling for Life
An inspiring book about the power of stories with practical advice on how to tell them.
This practical and inspirational book introduces readers to the value of storytelling throughout life, discussing the importance of traditional tales, and how they can transform our lives from childhood through to old age.
Children develop emotional intelligence by being immersed in stories that deal with the challenges they face in growing up. Josie Felce discusses the use of stories in the Steiner-Waldorf school curriculum, and hopes to pass on this wisdom to a wider audience. She goes on to discuss the therapeutic value of stories throughout our adult lives, how they help us to approach challenges creatively, giving examples of how stories can be used in group development sessions.

Available at £14.99 each.
Publication Date: 20 Sep 2012

The Easter Hare
The Easter Hare is an ancient story giving the origins of the word 'Easter' and hares bringing eggs at springtime. It is more than a children's story book,as it has notes on the animals, ways to dramatise the story, and words of encouragement on the how and why of telling stories. It is of interest to teachers, parents and storytellers. It can be used in multifaith groups, as it brings out the natural feelings we have at springtime, on which the Christian celebration of Easter stands.

The Goddess Eostre calls the animals to take her springtime message round the world. The stag, hawk, salmon, and hare race each other, but only the hare completes the journey. Eostre gives the hare an egg laid by a raven, as a way of demonstrating her message. It is a story about the renewal of love and the resurrection of life through ancient Celtic eyes.

Available from the address below at £4.50 each (includes pp to UK addresses)
Five or more copies £3.00 each (wholesale)

Send a cheque to “J.Felce”
18 Old Station Close,

Enquiries: tel: 01453-889504

Published by Rhiannon Press

This is the first in a series of stories round the seasons which awaken us to their natural rhythms.

"The children were enchanted by the story and its charming illustrations, and really enjoyed exploring the animal characters through sound and movement. They made masks and we acted out a little drama in the woods, which was a real hit with their parents. It was wonderful to see how this little story brought to life in everyone's minds elements of Easter celebrations that have long needed explaining." Helen Moore, Forest School leader and children's author,

Stories in a Tipi - CD
An atmospheric recording of chants, love flute and stories.
  • Wonderful Saucepan
  • The three Tests
  • River Turtle and Coyote
  • Quillwork Girl and her Seven Brothers
  • Jumping Mouse
  • Long Arrow and the Great Mystery Lake
  • Old Cherokee Speaks


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