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Harp Therapy - the use of the harp in special schools
Green Man

The harp brings a special healing to PLD and MLD children and adults.  The vibration of the many strings of the harp resonate with  the human body, helping to restore its natural balance.

I have used the harp in these Special Schools :
The Shrubberies, Stonehouse, Stroud,
Chadsgrove School, Bromsgrove,Birmingham,
Margaret Coates Centre, Bath.
I attended a harp therapy course in July 2005 in Ireland with Christina Tourin of Harp Realm, see
I can bring my 34-string harp to your school to play and for pupils to try.  I am keen to encourage the use of small therapy harps in schools, and I can advise you on what kind of harp to use and where to obtain one.

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