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Do you need a story and activities for a special project, to get your students engaged?  Do you have children with challenging behaviour?  Stories are the oldest and wisest teachers!  This site will give you focussed stories and suggestions for relevant follow up activities, written by a storyteller and teacher with decades of experience.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me with your topic or project, and I will respond from my deep story bag.

The stories are graded by Infants Inf, lower Juniors LJ, upper Juniors UJ, Secondary S

Springtime Stories

1. The Easter Hare. Inf, LJ . 

The ancient Celtic legend of how we got the word 'Easter' and came to associate it with the hare. It describes the race to take the goddess Eostre's message of springtime around the world, involving four animals important to the Celts (Totem animals). The Stag, hawk, salmon and hare all take the challenge.  The raven helps with finding an egg. The story has notes and rhymes for each of the animals and suggestions on how to dramatise this energising an informative tale. It ends with the relationship of the timing of Easter with the moon, used in the Christian calendar today.

2. Three Golden Eggs. Inf, LJ. 

This Burmese story begins with a woodsman's dream about a tree fairy, who gives him three golden eggs which he looses and finds again.  It can be the captivating beginning of a study of trees, a walk outside, or an environmental project. This telling has rhythm, rhyme and repetition very apt for this age group, and can easily be interactive with percussion instruments, clapping and simple movements.  It can easily be acted out in the classroom, or made into a musical!

3. One Wish. UJ, S.

This is a traditional story about a hunter with a problem family: his mother is blind, his father depressed and they haven't had any children yet!  But natural bounty is about to help them. The hunter meets with a deer in the forest who offers him one wish.  But how can he choose who to wish for?  He needs three wishes to help his family.  A riddle does solve the problem.  The two main features of this story are the magical meeting with a deer, traditionally associated with entry into a mythical or subconscious world, and the riddle, using language to express what he wants in the way specified.

A great story to start creative writing, as well as walking outdoors to notice how the animal world can inspire and help us. The vibrant energies of springtime demand we should notice the great drama of plant and animal kingdoms coming to life.