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Storytelling in Schools - also see Harp Therapy in special schools

Story MAgic in Schools
Multicultural Education
I tell stories from around the world for book-weeks, multi-cultural education and to enliven the school curriculum.

African, Asian, Indian, Russian and Welsh tales are accompanied by an African Mbira (thumb piano) and Djembe drum, an Indian flute and a Clarsach folk harp.

Enlivening the Curriculum
How did the days of the week get their names?

What are the origins of the words telephone, stadium and odeon? What are the stories behind Achilles Heel, Pandora's Box, Midas' Golden Touch?

The ancient myths and legends of Rome and Greece give us the origin of many common words, phrases and idioms

Stories to resolve conflict
Within the safe realm of story, difficulties in relationships both at school and home can be shared. Cinderella, wicked stepmothers, giants and fairies can help us express ourselves and so be heard and understood.

By discovering their own voices in a storytelling workshop, pupils can develop a respect for themselves and others.

Environmental Education
Stories from sustainable cultures such as rainforest dwellers and the native Amerindians have a wealth of attitudes that we are searching for in our attempts to make our way of life more wholesome. Before the days of books, wisdom was passed on through stories, to tell us in a wonderful and imaginative way how to honour ourselves, others and all living things in our world; how all things are related.

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