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Storytelling Skills

"Put the grit in the oyster of imagination and out drops a pearl"

Online course Thursday evenings: 14th October to 18th November 2021

Zoom invitation.                                                Fee: £100

Booking: email me on felcejosie@gmail.com

I am offering short courses for people in the listening and caring professions, such as carers, counsellors, teachers.  This will cover how to gather personal stories in sensitive situations and use the wisdom of traditional stories.

We all tell stories every day, but some of them can help us forward, and others hold us back.  Good storytelling creates intimacy, warmth and well-being. There are many short traditional stories bringing us ancient wisdom with wit and humour, invaluable to those whose lives maybe limited by lack of mobility and chronic illness.

Storytelling skills bring self confidence to those who need to stand in front of audiences, or classes.  How to use your voice and body to communicate without shouting, and creating a listening silence.  Voice and body skills with the fun and colour of stories has always pioneered social change.

Get in touch by email to register your interest, and I will organise classes both for small groups of people in a particular area and online.


Alex Gautier was unwell with family problems when he took my storytelling course at City Lit.London,
“… how very glad I am that I took your course and bought your book. ….and  although it has taken quite a lot of work in other ways, your course was definitely a major contributor to my feeling better.



A classic fairytale ( from 'The King of Ireland's Son) with harp and some interaction with the audience. A wild prince goes in search of adventure, and finds impossible tasks to complete on his quest for his mysterious bride, one of the daughters of the Enchanter of the Black Back Lands. Aimed at adult audiences, with children over 11 years old.

Well Being

With harp, stories, simple songs and movement tailored to the needs of your group, healing and well-being can quickly be established, with guidance and support for on-going health.  Contact me to discuss a programme.