12 Poems to Heal a Fractured World

​​​​​​Pamphlet of 6 pages A5, suitable for a greeting card.


Building a Bridge

Its as if

we are coming with building materials

up the rising slope

to build a bridge

with our new ideas:

truth and reconciliation

peace declarations

new publications

stories of dreaming

poems of transforming

songs with wings

love that turns hurt to healing.

But as I come 

to the raw edge

looking down at the abyss

I howl:

I see people killing each other

children abused

thousands pushed

by blindfold greed

to subsistence need.


Whatever I feel

I can only return

for more building materials.

Its then that I see

from the torrent of illusion below

more and more builders swim out

to help with the bridge

in pure faith.

It`s then that I hear

future voices

singing as they cross

the bridge we have built.